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US Army Corps of Engineers - Portland District


Design completed in 2022

Army Corps of Engineers - Bank Erosion Lost Creek Lake

The Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District contracted with RogueTech to evaluate and provide recommendations for bank erosion issues and an existing outfall that was undercut at Takelma Park on Lost Creek Lake. RogueTech determined curb cuts along the existing paved parking lot were directing erosive flows directly into the Lake along the shoreline. Over time these erosive flows resulted in multiple, localized bank failures along the shoreline and had undercut the outfall. RogueTech designed a perimeter trench drain system to intercept these flows and convey and discharge them to a single, engineered outfall to prevent further erosion. RogueTech also designed a bank restoration plan consisting of fillig in the bank failures and installing a living shoreline with natural access points for fishing and enjoying the lake from shore. We also designed a rock armoring mitigation to restore the undercut outfall.


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