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Scott has over 20 years of experience in property development and water resources engineering. RogueTech’s reputation has been built on its commitment to client needs and providing quality, reliable engineering services. Clients appreciate Scott’s ability to uncomplicate and effectively communicate complex projects, agency development codes and permitting processes, as well as his tenured experience in representing clients in land-use application hearings. Scott is a professional civil engineer, as well as a certified erosion control professional, and a licensed small water system operator.

Scott Ferre, P.E., M. Eng
Principal Engineer

Founded in September 2020 by Scott Ferre, RogueTech Civil Engineering is a specialized firm in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon. We focus on residential, commercial, and industrial site engineering and development, stormwater management, hydrology, channel design/hydraulics, erosion control, wetland and riparian delineation and mitigation, floodplain no-rise and elevation certifications, and private small water system upgrades.


Scott enjoys the benefit of teaming with the property owner, regulatory agencies, contractors, inspectors, and other local professionals as needed to accomplish projects. He’s continually learning and keeping up with local development codes and maintains his commitment to schedules and budgets. Scott excels in finding solutions for getting complex and challenging properties ready to build or sell and designing projects that meet the client’s needs. He has completed numerous rural-residential, commercial, and industrial development site plans, erosion control plans, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and design, and is a local expert with stormwater management, water quality, and floodplain analysis.


  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Site Engineering & Development, Planning/Permitting and Design Project Management

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis

  • Erosion and Sediment Control 

  • Stormwater Management and Water Quality/Mixing Zone Analysis

  • Floodway and Floodplain "No-Rise" Analysis and Elevation Certifications

  • Wetland & Riparian Delineation and Mitigation

  • Stream Restoration and Stabilization/Channel Design

  • Static and Hydrodynamic Analysis

  • Fish Passage

  • Private Water System Upgrades


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