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Private Client


Permitting 2021-2023 ; In construction 2023

Access Road, Wetland Permitting, Floodway no-rise certification, stream crossing

A land owner hired RogueTech to provide design services and obtain permits to construct a new private road to access a future home site.

The road must cross a regulated FEMA floodway without published base flood elevations. In addition, it must cross through jurisdictional wetlands and a fish bearing stream. This proiect required a floodplain permit with a supporting base flood elevation determination and a floodway no-rise analysis. In addition, wetlands and stream ordinary high water delineations and concurrance were required by the Oregon Department of State Lands. The project also required coordination for the design of a culvert extension with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

RogueTech performed a hydrologic analysis to determine stream flows, and developed a new hydraulic model. These were used to determine the base flood elevations and to perform the floodway no-rise analysis. To keep costs down, RogueTech obtained and processed publicly avaialble LiDAR data to digitize cross-sections to aid in generating the hydraulic model.

RogueTech also performed the wetland and stream ordinary high water delineations. The delineations were concurred with and aided in the road design and culvert extension to minimize impacts to these natural resources. We also prepared the private road design and abtained the grading permit to ensure compliance with County land development ordinances. This project resulted in an increase in the value of an otherwise undevelopable tax lot, and will allow the construction of a future custom home.


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