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Southern Oregon landscape

Civil Engineering and
Water Solutions 
for Southern Oregon
and Beyond



RogueTech Civil Engineering truck

Founded in September 2020 by Scott Ferre, RogueTech Civil Engineering, LLC is a specialized firm in Eagle Point, Oregon that focuses on rural-residential and commercial property development, water resources engineering, erosion control, wetland and riparian delineation and mitigation, and small water system services.

                           Judy Mizrahi

I have personally worked with over 20 different
civil engineers and firms in the past 25 years,
it was not until working with Scott at RogueTech
that I realized how vitally important it is to work with an
engineer that has critical thinking, deep experience
and the ability to manage a project with a good
reputation and leadership qualities. Our OnePeak
Medical clinic building construction project was led
by Scott from the beginning through City Counsel,
and was a picture-perfect experience for all of us. 
Nisha Jackson, PhD MS NP HHP
OnePeak Medical Clinics

I have been doing business in Oregon for over
six years and I've never met a more intelligent
professional. I was pleasantly surprised when
Scott quickly responded to my email. I can't 
thank him enough for getting back to me and
being so professional. RogueTech is the only
civil engineering firm I will use. 



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