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Private Client


In Progress 2021

Retaining Wall - Expanding a Backyard

A property owner in Rogue River, contracted with RogueTech to design a reinforced modular block retaining wall to expand their backyard to provide space for the installation of a new swimming pool. The existing backyard consisted of an ascending slope resulting in no useable space. RogueTech utilized the property owner’s own plan for cutting into the ascending slope to provide a large enough backyard to install a patio and swimming pool. The owner specified the materials and desired location of the wall. RogueTech was able to provide a grading plan and wall design meeting code requirements that allowed the owner to expand their backyard utilizing the color, shape, and locally available construction materials they desired. RogueTech worked with a local supplier to provide the owner with a discount on materials and assisted in connecting the owner with a contractor to construct the wall.


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