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OnePeak Medical


In Progress 2021

Medical Building Addition, Stormwater Management Plan, Drainage, and Water Quality

OnePeak Medical contracted RogueTech Civil Engineering to prepare the land use design and permitting necessary for a medical building addition in Grants Pass, Oregon. RogueTech provided topographic survey, prepared the parking plan, landscape and irrigation plans, site plan, stormwater management and water quality plan, and City permit applications. Design included utility connections, stormwater collection and conveyance system, stormwater LID BMP selection and design, City sidewalk improvements, approach design, and building elevations.

The pre-existing site was a concrete and gravel lot that did not meet current development code. This resulted in limited space to provide an adequately sized building addition and site plan to meet current code. RogueTech worked with the City and utilized development code allowances to increase bicycle parking and to provide LID stormwater BMPs. This resulted in a reduced parking footprint and minimized the space required for stormwater features. We were not only able to maintain the desired building footprint, but also increased access for multiple modes of transportation, as well as utilized natural processes to treat stormwater. The project was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission via a public hearing. OnePeak Medical, RogueTech, and the City of Grants Pass worked together to improve a concrete and gravel lot into an attractive property that will provide much needed services to the local community, while reducing pollution.


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