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Private Client


In Progress 2021

Access Road, Wetland Permitting, Floodplain no-rise certification, stream crossing

RogueTech was contracted by a private client and their contractor to provide design services and permit applications for a new access across the lower portion of their property. This access will provide passage to a higher elevation home building site.

The access will be constructed in a regulated floodplain and will require crossing a jurisdictional wetland as well as a separate stream.
RogueTech developed a new hydraulic model utilizing LiDAR point cloud data to digitize cross-sections to perform the required floodplain no-rise certification.

RogueTech also performed the wetland and ordinary high water delineations. The delineations aided in sizing the wetland and stream crossing hydraulic structures to minimize impacts to these natural resources. RogueTech also coordinated design and mitigation requirements for compliance with local, State, and Federal permitting agencies.


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